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January, 2011
New Year's Day. We mark every year with a day where things are supposed to "flip", old to new. We don't get any older in this 24 hour period, the earth doesn't move any farther, it's not any more full of potential than every other day. But it's a sign, or a reminder, and those are important for us. They help us remember the potential in every day.

I have a list of specific things I want to accomplish over the course of the year. Last year, inspired by a friend, I made a "10 in '10" list. Statistically, I didn't do very well, but it was a useful tool for focusing regardless. I've made a similar list this year. In addition, though, I've been thinking about other, less tangible things. So, a few things I'm going to work on over the course of 2011.

I will stop postponing things just because I can. It's true that some things are done just as well later as now, but it's even more true that done is better than not. A clear idea of a destination is important for a successful journey, but course corrections are easier once in motion.

I will have workdays. I will structure my time so that I can get things done in a reliable fashion in predictable times. I will take the things I choose to undertake for myself at least as seriously as those I choose to undertake for others.

I will not love secretly. I will continue to love strongly, exuberantly, easily, and in many different ways, but always openly. I will not secret away the greatest gift I've been given, nor deny its impact on me.

I will claim my strengths, not just my weaknesses. Understanding my own weaknesses has been a great asset to me. But without an appreciation of our strengths we can't really gauge our grasp. I will work to make the most of the characteristics within me that give me strength.

Happy New Year, everyone. May you each grab the potential hidden in every day.