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November, 2009
Anthony November 4, 2009 12:43am
back home, finally. two weeks away. the apartment is still in good condition, although my morning task tomorrow is cleaning out the fridge. it's slightly intimidating.

i don't really know what to say about the trip, overall. it isn't anything i would call relaxing: too much back-to-back travel, too little sleep, too much stress with my family once back in jersey. still, it was a really great trip, and i've returned feeling very energized. the two conferences were really good motivators to get something actually released to the world.

election day seems to have gone poorly. NJ elected a fraud and a hack. i know nothing about the VA guy except that he's a conservative republican, which is bad enough to start with. and Ohio passed all three of our constitutional amendments, two of which were awful. our constitution's already a mess. on the (small) up side, my county gets a new and better charter, resulting in a likely more efficient (and certainly cheaper) county government. that's something, anyway.