Public Plan 9 Accounts offers Plan 9 accounts to the public. All systems are provided on a best-effort basis. There is one (more or less) stable cpu+auth+fs (currently an Athlon XP+ 3Ghz w/ 4GB RAM); other cpu servers come and go. offers cpu service, email, fossil, and venti, as well as occasional other (often experimental) services.

To request an account, send your real name, prefered user name, contact email address, contact phone number, and location to a at 9srv dot net. You will receive back a message with a brief introduction to the system and your initial password (which you are requested to change immediately). Optionally, include in your initial message a pointer to your public key and I'll encrypt the message containing your initial password; my key is available on the major public keyservers.

The systems are currently located in Cleveland, Ohio, US. They're on a business-class DSL line, but it's fairly asymetric in what is usually the wrong direction for this sort of usage, so performance can be less than wonderful. Unless you're particularly lucky with your network path, it's unlikely that this will be a good long-term solution for your primary Plan 9 system, but it is a very good way to get started and can serve as a useful backup system.