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October, 2009
Anthony October 10, 2009 11:09pm
my dad moved his left leg today! only while unconscious, but for an extended period of time (over an hour) and not just twitches. a week ago today they moved him out of the ICU and into respiratory therapy. he's now off oxygen (er, y'know, off explicitly provided oxygen). still quite loopy, falls asleep unexpectedly all the time, clearly at least somewhat delusional. his mental state's been pretty much stable for a bit over a week (which isn't a great level, but there's something there, and it's not deteriorating); this is the first significant physical progress since his breathing got under control. good signs all around.

in other news, i'm becoming increasingly happy with the church i've been going to for a few weeks. they have a functional 20s/30s group, which is a nice change, and a small but pretty active youth ministry i've started working with. it's a pretty diverse congregation, philosophically, but with distinct progressive leanings, especially among those in charge of things.

after spending most of september pretty depressed, lethargic, astoundingly unproductive, and semi-addicted to hulu, and other assorted problems, october's going much better. i'm getting some actual work done again, being more active, cooking, and so on. i've got a pair of work-related trips towards the end of the month, followed by recreational time in the SF bay area and then more in NJ (and likely Maryland).

i've also finally rebuilt my "get out of dodge" kit, after scavenging it to pieces almost a year ago. i need paracord and something to start fires with. i'm considering vaseline-soaked cotton balls (burn for several minutes each) and some striking steel.