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December, 2009
Anthony December 25, 2009 10:20am
Merry Christmas, everyone! out here in New Jersey, there's snow on the ground, although it's a few days old. if a white christmas is unobtainable, i'll settle for a white-bordered-by-ugly-grey christmas.
so far, it's been good. i'm back home again, which has involved plenty of family drama, but i got to see my goddaughter and her family last night, spent several hours yesterday with my dad, and went to the midnight service at church; it certainly feels like christmas now, even if it took until half way through christmas eve for me to get there. i have much candy to gorge myself on now. need to be careful there, since i'm cooking dinner, which we're having in the early afternoon with my dad. he just got back on normal foods less than a week ago, which is pretty exciting and pretty good timing.

i also had a great birthday. made dinner for some friends, and it worked out really well, if i do say so myself. roasted red pepper and walnut bruschetta, grilled marinated asparagus, two kinds of ravioli - sun-dried tomato with ricotta and a very nice artichoke one - from scratch. a friend supplied desert: vanilla ice cream with this wonderful fruit... um, spread-like thingie on top. despite not knowing how to describe it, it's pretty amazing.
i also got some pretty amazing gifts: a pair of cheese-making kits (one hard, one soft) and some supporting materials, and a set of measuring spoons that should last forever. the best, though, was that my dad called me - the first time he's done so since his stroke (excluding my mom dialing and holding the phone up next to his head). he's doing very well, mentally, although the physical side of things is still pretty bad. it was great to hear him, though, and to know that my birthday got him a bit of additional activity.

now, downstairs for more family time. i hope everyone reading this is having a wonderful christmas. i love you all.