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August, 2010
Anthony August 16, 2010 2:46am
Saw scott Pilgrim vs The World a few nights ago; I haven't laughed that hard in a movie in years. If you've ever loved comic books or old-school video games, you will love this movie. But I don't think that's any sort of requirement; most of the humor stands on its own just fine. Go check it out.

My main paying contract right now is a startup web site. Among other things, I'm responsible for system test, and we're going through our second round of it now, getting ready for a launch later in the month. As is common for new web sites now, these guys appropriately want to make sure that their site works on the platforms that aren't traditional PCs: particularly smart phones and the iPad. So they bought me one.
The thing really is very slick. It's got flaws, to be certain (many of which are fixed wit the pending iOS update), but using it, you get the impression that it's a work of fiction. Interacting with the screen so directly makes a whole newest of experiences possible. A whole lot of things just seem very natural and obvious, in ways that they never could with the indirection created by a mouse. It makes for some really fun game controls, too.
I still won't say everyone needs to run out and get one right now; I probably wouldn't have on my own. If you've already got a nicely portable laptop, there's a lot of usage overlap. But if I was starting over, the iPad would almost certainly get a place in my setup. If you're coming due in your upgrade cycle, give it a thought. And if you've been considering a netbook, you want one of these instead.