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October, 2010
Anthony October 25, 2010 12:17am
Did a dinner party for the adults working with the youth at FPC, the church I've been working with for a bit over a year now. We had about half the expected turnout, but it was wonderful anyway. Four varieties of veggie sliders, roasted beets, salad, and vanilla ice cream with brandied cherries and goat's milk dulce de leche. It seemed to be a hit all around. I realized during cleanup that I'd meant to make yam fries and totally forgot. Given the turnout, I have leftovers for most of the week; maybe I'll make the yams to go with leftover sliders.

This is one of those months where being home just feels like being between trips. I did a west coast tour for the past two weeks (Seattle for a conference, Portland for Emma (and Ankoor and Emily), and Davis for Cynthia (with a side trip to SF for Monica)). The trip was awesome, but I did much less "sleeping in" than I'd have expected. I'll be leaving again on thursday or friday for a family wedding in NJ (and general visitation). I'm looking forward to (most of) that trip, but it just doesn't feel like enough time to catch my breath.

I'm apparently pretty good at non-team Taboo. Who knew.

I'm ending my main paying contract at the end of the year. It's been months since I enjoyed anything about the job, and I told them about three weeks ago that I just didn't want to continue. That means I'll get to again only spend time on technical projects that I love. Which is good, because I've learned that spending time doing computer work that I hate makes me not want to do any computer work. 2010 has seen almost no work done on my own stuff, and that's just not okay. So I'm really looking forward to that; now I just get to figure out how to pay my bills.