9srv projects

In addition to semi-public Plan 9 accounts and the services directly associated with that, 9srv hosts a number of related projects:
A simple, 9p-based snippet service. In Plan 9 and Inferno environments, snip(1) offers a more natural alternative to pastebin and the like.
Score submission service for venti(1)

For safety reasons, submission is restricted to approved hosts, but all 9srv users are welcome to participate.
Public face(6) database
9srv hosts a publicly-accessible set of icons and .dict files which are non-destructive additions to the tree found in Plan 9 distributions. All 9srv users are free to add to this directory; see Adding your face on the Plan 9 wiki for details.
9p monitoring services
9srv monitors other 9p servers and can report failures. Today, this is mainly used to monitor the availability of sources.cs.bell-labs.com, the home of the mainline Plan 9 distribution from Bell Labs.
Reporting of historical trends is coming soon.
9srv Express
A collection of images suitable for native or VM installation which will get you a terminal connected to 9srv as quickly as possible. [in development]
Plan 9 tree comparator
Compare files and trees from the mainline Plan 9 distribution, 9atom, and 9front. [in development]