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February, 2011
After a week of outage, Cosym is back up, in my basement. Normal service restored.

A month in, the new year's going very well. I've almost entirely wrapped up my involvement with the project that made me (professionally) miserable for most of 2010; all that's left there is pulling a few more computers from a rack and shipping them when the recipients are ready. The first half went out today; that felt very good.

Getting back into the groove of doing actual, productive work on my own projects, I seem to have fallen into a pretty stereotypical schedule: wake around 10-11, do reading, research, and futzing around most of the day, dinner around 6pm, productive work from about 7pm to 3am. I've been getting a lot done, but I do somewhat wish I could shift those productive hours to happen during daylight a bit more.

I'm also working through some ideas for combining my tech interests with my food interests: I may be doing some software for the Community Supported Agriculture group I've been volunteering with for the past few years. That's still very speculative, but it's nice to explore those interactions.

My current project, though, might be a bit more familiar: I'm working on creating a consumer-grade web interface to coop/bank. I expect a not-really-usable-by-normal-people, very rough first draft of basic functionality by the end of the week.