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October, 2009
Anthony October 22, 2009 10:33am
i'm in Athens, Georgia for the International Workshop on Plan 9. it's a neat town. after the opening talk yesterday, we got a "tour" (really hanging out, poking around, and drinking their supplied beer and soda) of Coraid. they have maybe the neatest office space i've seen in person. big open space with included copper-top bar. lots of old fixtures, particularly windows, lights, and doors. the company's also got a really great culture and work environment.
on friday night, i'm flying out to California for the GSoC Mentor's Summit over the weekend. i wish there was more time between the two; i'm leaving IWP9 earlier on friday than i'd like, getting into California way later than i'd like, and missing the opening "social time" from the summit. still certainly worth the trip, but the travel schedule's getting me kinda tired.
after the Summit, i've got play time in the SF Bay area until thursday night, when Cyn and i are flying back to NJ. plans around all of that time are entirely nebulous, but i'm looking to stay in NJ until monday or tuesday, maybe down in MD monday night.

my dad's still in the hospital, but his recovery continues to beat the odds. which is not to oversell: it's still life threatening, it's still a certainty that we're looking at permanent physical and mental impairment. but he's got limited conscious control over his leg and can sometimes hold down (very simple) conversations. they're trying to find a bed for him in a rehab facility and a time slot for dialysis, and he's ready to transfer. that's likely to be another month once he's in (if it goes well).