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November, 2009
Anthony November 2, 2009 12:28am
had a really nice Halloween. went into the city with schiff and some related friends. we spent the first half of the night at Saloon, which was a good time. only a handful of people got kicked out, including a boyfriend and girlfriend polo player who seemed to be trying to tear each other apart. watching all the costumes were fun. i got chatted up by a '70s basketball player and a pair of ladybugs who seemed nice enough, and might've been more interesting if we hadn't been 400 miles from home. still, it's nice when it happens.
spent the second half of the night at Love, which was still fun but a lot less so. just very much not my scene, even more than the bar: crazily dimly lit, so loud you have to yell in people's ears to hear anything, very thumpy music, no space, and a ridiculous cover charge. it would have been pretty frustrating if it wasn't halloween: that made the people-watching factor way better than it otherwise would have been.
this morning, we got to watch a bit of the New York City Marathon, which was fun. i would certainly not be up for watching much of a long distance race, but i can certainly appreciate why people do it and it's impressive to see the results. there were all sorts of neat bicycle-like devices, someone doing it in a powered wheelchair, and a few people doing it in their leftover halloween costumes, which seems like it should warrant a time bonus. and lots of bystanders who didn't seem to understand that there was a race going on, so walking in front of the runners was a bad plan.

yesterday i did the drive from my parents' house to cynthia's parents' house. i can't tell you how to do that drive; i couldn't remember when i got off the phone with her beforehand. but as soon as i got in the car, it was all muscle memory. i could do it with my eyes close. that drive - through jockey hollow, a bit of the great swamp, and washington's headquarters - is maybe my favorite in the country. especially during this time of year, the colors are just beautiful, and the driving is perfect, with low traffic and lots of gradual winds. it's also phenomenally nostalgic; it brings back some of the best memories i've got.

my dad's doing much better, all things considered. he's in Kessler for rehab. he's come a long way on his own: he can sit in a chair, sometimes swallow soft foods, have short, trivial conversations. but if he's ever going to not be in an institution again, he's got to start cooperating with the rehab program, which isn't really happening much. it's a long, frustrating process. he's in a lot of pain and doesn't always understand why. and i think my mom's driving him crazy. i know she is me, and i can go drive away.