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November, 2009
Anthony November 26, 2009 10:38pm
Happy Thanksgiving.
it was a weird one here. back at my parents house, and not cooking for the first time in a very long time. missing that much. ate out, at "the club" with my mom, sister, and some old guy i've never met before (who told me people with beards couldn't possibly get jobs). i ended up eating lots of appetizers and sides.
after dinner (which, as holiday dinners are wont to do, ended by 16:00), we (minus the old guy) went to see my dad, who got transfered into a sub-acute care facility yesterday. we played blackjack. i'm not sure whether he or my mom won, but i know i came in last. oh, well. tomorrow is for solving logistics (family finances and the like) and then back for another visit.

looking forward to Buy Nothing Day next.

right now, i'm watching Love Actually. first time i saw this film, it drove me to ask someone out i had a reasonable hunch had no real interest. the second time i got sappy, introspective, nostalgic. third, giddy from memory. the most recent time, horribly depressed. we'll see how this goes.