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December, 2009
Anthony December 6, 2009 10:34pm
gave blood today, for the first time since just before my first india trip. the type of hepatitis vaccine i got for that banned me for a year, and then with the various moving around afterwords, i never picked it up again. the church i've become involved with runs a drive every ~8 weeks, though.
that church is going well. the youth ministry is smaller than the other two churches i've got much experience with, but they have a nice variety of sorts of things, have a good service focus, and everyone enjoys where they're at. as much as part of me didn't really want to find myself in another Presbyterian church, i'm feeling very good here. it's also been a very good way of meeting people here; i've got a bunch more local friends than i did two months ago, which is nice.
and now, of all times, someone wants to offer me a job that'd have me moving. i'm skeptical about that part, for a few reasons, but more on that job when i can actually talk about it. going for an interview in just under two weeks.
back on Cleveland, i finally got to the Cleveland Museum of Art this weekend. they're running an exhibit on Gauguin, and especially his work around the Paris 1889 World's Fair, that's very well done. the museum remains under re-construction, which made parts of it really awkward to navigate, but it was a great trip, and i intend to go see more of the museum. it was also personally nice that i went with a church friend and met a friend from the CSA there. my homework assignments are going quite well.