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March, 2010
Anthony March 16, 2010 1:40am
i've been working with a great church out here; the guy who runs the youth stuff is Kurt. a friend of Kurt's from college (high school? something like that) works in the White House, organizing transportation for Obama's various visits all over the place. On friday, Kurt got a call saying they were short a driver for Obama's upcoming trip to the Cleveland area Monday (now yesterday), and asking if Kurt would like to drive. of course he said yes.

in exchange (as if you needed anything beyond getting to say you drove in the president's motorcade), Kurt got 3 VIP-section passes and ~15 regular-section passes for the event, and gave me one of the VIP section passes. and by chance, we got really great placement in there. i got to shake his hand on the way in and the way out; the girl two down from me (Kurt's girlfriend, end of the line in this shot) was the first and last person to do so.

Obama's even better in person, at least in that sort of venue. he interacts with the crowd so well, in ways that the cameras don't pick up, or at least that don't make the final cut that hits the news. there's a clip of him saying "we need courage" that's actually pulled directly from an exchange with someone calling it out a few minutes earlier, and he worked the heckler's "show us the plan" into the actual description of the plan.

i've also now used up 2 more seconds of my 15 minute fame allocation: they had a brief shot of me on tonight's PBS NewsHour (look about 25:30 in). glad i wore my new coat! for the first time, too. it was a good day.